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CIK-FIA schrapt homologaties geluiddempers No. 16/SA/18, 19/SA/18, 25/SA/18 & 27/SA/24

Om misverstanden te voorkomen plaatsen wij de volledige tekst over de wijziging van de CIK-FIA:

As provided by the Homologation Regulations, the CIK-FIA regularly proceeds to so-called "post-homologation" checks of equipment by procuring random samples and submitting them to tests in order to ensure that the quality of the equipment concerned remains constant and that the homologation requirements are still respected.

Further to one of these control tests, the inlet silencers NOX23, NOX30 of the make Righetti Ridolfi, as well as the inlet silencer BR30R of the make Free Line, respectively homologated in 2010 for a 9-year period under numbers 16/A/18, 19/SA/18 and 25/SA/18, have been found not to comply as they no longer meet the noise absorption minima defined by the Homologation Regulations. It is the same for the inlet silencer Active30 of the make Righetti Ridolfi, homologated in 2016 for a 9-year period under number 27/SA/24.

As a consequence, these four homologations are cancelled and they will no longer be accepted for events governed by the CIK-FIA regulations.

For the list of the 2010-2018 homologations, click here.

For the list of the 2016-2024 homologations, click here.

NK 2-takt en NK 4-takt in actie op Circuit de Landsard

Circuit de Landsard staat in september een mooie week te wachten. In het weekend van 10 en 11 september is het circuit het strijdtoneel voor een ronde van het NK 2-takt, terwijl een week later, op 18 september, het NK 4-takt Circuit de Landsard met een bezoek vereert.

Wijziging reglement CIK-FIA

Om misverstanden te voorkomen plaatsen wij de volledige tekst over de wijziging van de CIK-FIA:

The whole karting community welcomed the introduction in 2015 by the CIK-FIA of the new front fairing fasteners with great satisfaction to reduce bad behaviour on the track. However, it was soon found in the Competitions that not all equipment responded equivalently on impact. The CIK-FIA Sporting Working Group has discussed this problem already at the end of last season. The CIK-FIA has taken on the difficult task of overcoming this drawback by taking into account a maximum of parameters. Several tests have been performed on bodywork from various sources by the independent laboratory CSI, of Bollatte in Italy.

A new homologation regulation concerning front fairings will be enacted for 2017, but the new rules for international karting events will already be applicable from 1st November 2016, before the CIK-FIA World Championship in Bahrain. These decisions were taken in response to several unsporting interpretations of the current regulation or significant differences in hardness of the material used, generating inequalities among participants. It should also be recalled that each bodywork part is approved with its steel and plastic parts inseparable.

The regulatory changes relate firstly to the tubes of the front fairing and also the front fairing control process itself, both to be approved at the end of a race.

The steel part of the front bumper is made of two tubes connected together, and the spacing of the front fairing must be at least 27 mm at all points. The size and shape of these bars will be more closely regulated. The two corners of the upper bar must have one constant radius of curvature. The same applies for the lower bar. The straight length of the lower bar must be between 300 and 310 mm (+/- 5 mm) and the straight length of the upper bar must be between 380 and 390 mm (+/- 5 mm), in relation to the longitudinal axis of the kart.

Front fairings approved to be used on a kart at an international event will be able to constantly satisfy impact and pushing tests provided for in the Technical Regulations according to detailed procedures. The CIK-FIA or the ASN responsible may request that any front fairing used in racing undergo additional laboratory analysis at the end of the competition to verify compliance. Any refusal or non-conformity will be punished by exclusion.

Wisselend weer maar mooie races bij derde NK 2-takt op Circuit de Landsard

Circuit de Landsard lag er weer fantastisch bij en de wedstrijden in diverse goed gevulde klassen stonden bol van de spanning tijdens de derde ronde van het Nederlands Kampioenschap 2-takt. Alleen het weer werkte niet helemaal mee want opnieuw was het wisselvalligheid troef.

Nederlandse karttalenten tonen snelheid in CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy

cikfia aca tr essay.01
Kas Haverkort is op het Franse circuit van Essay tijdens de eerste ronde van de CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy op een elfde plaats geëindigd. De achterstand van de pas 12-jarige karter op de vierde positie bedroeg echter slechts 1,8 seconden en daarmee gaf het Nederlandse karttalent te midden van de internationale concurrentie een fraai visitekaartje af. Ook de pas 13-jarige Senna van Walstijn toonde gedurende het weekend met de top mee te kunnen, maar de tweede Nederlander in het uit vijftig karttalenten bestaande veld was in de finale minder gelukkig en zag door een aanrijding de finish niet.