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CIK-FIA schrapt homologaties geluiddempers No. 16/SA/18, 19/SA/18, 25/SA/18 & 27/SA/24

Om misverstanden te voorkomen plaatsen wij de volledige tekst over de wijziging van de CIK-FIA:

As provided by the Homologation Regulations, the CIK-FIA regularly proceeds to so-called "post-homologation" checks of equipment by procuring random samples and submitting them to tests in order to ensure that the quality of the equipment concerned remains constant and that the homologation requirements are still respected.

Further to one of these control tests, the inlet silencers NOX23, NOX30 of the make Righetti Ridolfi, as well as the inlet silencer BR30R of the make Free Line, respectively homologated in 2010 for a 9-year period under numbers 16/A/18, 19/SA/18 and 25/SA/18, have been found not to comply as they no longer meet the noise absorption minima defined by the Homologation Regulations. It is the same for the inlet silencer Active30 of the make Righetti Ridolfi, homologated in 2016 for a 9-year period under number 27/SA/24.

As a consequence, these four homologations are cancelled and they will no longer be accepted for events governed by the CIK-FIA regulations.

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