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Wijziging FIA Technical Working Group - Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta

De FIA Technical Working Group wijzigt met terugwerkende kracht een aantal Historische Technische Paspoorten (HTP’s). Is onderstaande wijziging op uw HTP van toepassing? Laat deze zo spoedig mogelijk aanpassen.

Homologation - Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.
In accordance with information provided by Ferrari Classiche. Only Homologation Form 22 is valid for the model as well as the measurements within the document. The evolution from September 1964 can only be recognised for a year of specification in accordance with that same evolution. Measurements featured in Appendix VII to Appendix K to be deleted. Update of the FIA Historic Database in process. Previously issued HTP to be corrected and/or red dotted.
In accordance with information provided by Ferrari Classiche and confirmation by the TWG during its meeting:

  • Only a single Homologation Form is valid for the model – 22 GT: download here

  • Two track dimensions can be considered for the model:
    OPTION 1 – Applicable to Period E and Period F and for all cars claiming a “Year of Specification” of up to 1963 included: FRONT – 1354mm – Maximum dimension / REAR – 1349mm – Maximum dimension
    OPTION 2 – Period F only and for all cars claiming a “Year of Specification” of either 1964 or 1965 only: FRONT – 1445mm – Maximum dimension / REAR – 1414mm – Maximum dimension

  • Measurements published in the FIA Appendix K under its Appendix VII will be withdrawn as they were confirmed as incorrect.

Specific to series, races and organisers, we understand a number of you to be running so-called “Pre-63” races and for which the track dimensions must echo the early specification or OPTION 1 only.