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From Mexico to the European FA1 Championship

Former A1GP driver Picho Toledano and Michael Dörrbecker are both from Mexico and part of our FA1 championship in 2014. We wondered how they experience their European racing career in the Formula Acceleration championship and therefore asked them how the season is going for them. But first, Michael Dörrbecker tells us how he got to know about the series: “I heard about the FA1 championship in January. Since A1GP was huge in our country, it raised a lot of interest. Being one of the few drivers already with experience in Europe, I was obviously very interested in running it.” Picho Toledano was familiar with the formula car already, since he drove the Team Mexico A1GP car a few years ago. We asked both guys the following questions:What is your opinion about the championship this far?


PT: “I’m quite impressed, since the organisation put together a great show in a short time. I think the key factor is the group of people working with the organisation. They want to make each race better and are always keen on helping drivers, teams and fans.” MD: “I think it is a great championship! Visitors love the new ACCELERATION concept and therefore I see great potential for it to grow in the near future. It is also very competitive with drivers that have experience in F1 and GP2 which makes it great for young drivers like me to learn.”Can you tell me a bit more about your life now, with living in Mexico and driving a European championship?

PT: “Well, I moved to Miami, Florida, one year ago as I’m also a team owner in America. My team helps young talents to achieve their own goals in motorsport. My life is quite busy actually; I need to find time to work out every day, take care of my sponsors, my career as a race car driver and fly with my team around the American continent to support my drivers. Driving a European championship is something I have wanted to do since I can remember, so every time I have the opportunity to fly to Europe, I know that all the work is worth it.” MD: “We have a lot of time between our races, so luckily I don’t have to miss home. That way, I can enjoy the trips we make to Europe more and therefore also be more focused during the races. In conclusion, I think that living in Mexico and racing in Europe is quite relaxing.”Do you guys get any help from local sponsors or media partners/journalists to stimulate your (European) race career?

PT: “Yes, the Mexican press has always helped me through my career so it’s great to find new sponsors and to grow interest in the ACCELERATION championship in Mexico as well. We are growing interest little by little and hopefully we can run a Team Mexico on a long-term basis.” MD: “FA1 has sparked a lot of interest in our country! We have been asked by national media to give interviews, be in pictures and TV shows. The result: we now have Mexican sponsors that are very interested in the project – not just for now but also for the future.”What are your expectations for the last two races of the series?
PT: “I hope a podium! I know I came from a big break in my career after a huge accident, but I’ve been stronger and stronger every race. So for sure that I’m working on every aspect to make a podium these last two races.” MD: “Being that it is my first year, I don’t know the tracks that we visit. Plus, we will be with a new team in Budapest. I think my main goal is to learn as much as I can in preparation for 2015, although I would like to set a 4th place as well to improve my best result this far. We will have to see how the races unfold in Budapest and Assen.”The next FA1 race will be at Acceleration Hungary, at the Hungaroring on 29-30-31 August.