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Wijziging FIA Technical Working Group - Fuel Tanks

De FIA Technical Working Group wijzigt met terugwerkende kracht een aantal Historische Technische Paspoorten (HTP’s). Is onderstaande wijziging op uw HTP van toepassing? Laat deze zo spoedig mogelijk aanpassen.

Safety - Fuel Tanks.

Precision to follow in Appendix K under Article 5.5.3 as we have noted a number of incorrect installation in the HTP process - All safety (bag) tanks must comply with Article 253-14 of current Appendix J (FIA Approved Safety Fuel Tanks). They are mandatory for rally cars with the fuel tank(s) positioned inside the cockpit. - It is reminded that a liquid-proof case must surround the fuel tank and its filler holes. A leak-proof cover, made from non-flammable material, easily accessible and removable only with the use of tools, must be installed in the protection for tanks, in order to allow the checking of the validity expiry date.